Have your daughter's Birthday Party here!

Includes hair style, dress up, story time or game, serving tea (really apple juice), chocolate covered strawberries, special birthday chair and crown with special linens and tea set, photo and balloons.
$275.00 (2hrs ages 4-6 for 6 girls) $35.00 extra per child.

Birthday Parties

Princess Tea Party

Spa Day

hair salon

Includes hair style, nails polished, make-up, musical chair and dancing, individual photo and balloons.
$325.00 (2hrs ages 5-8 for 6 girls) $40.00 extra per child.

Please call well in advance of the birthday date RSVP 978-266-0048. $100.00 non refundable deposit required! Party's are only available on Sundays and Mondays.

Not included with above packages: Cake, cupcakes, candles, drinks and invitations.

Day of Beauty

Jon-Claud Salon

Includes hair wash and blow-dry, foot massage and hand massage, organic mud mask, craft jewelry making, group photo and balloons.
$375.00 (2.5 hours ages 8-12 for 6 girls) $45.00 extra per child.